LGBTI*Q Politics and Global Economies

Die European Conference on Gender and Politcs (ECPG) ruft zur Einreichung von Panels und Papers für einen Konferenz-Stream mit dem Titel LGBTI*Q Politics, (Anti-)Capitalism and Global Economies“. Sie findet von 7. -9. Juli 2021 statt.
We especially welcome papers that include proposals how to analyze the global covid-19-pandemic from an intersectional, decolonial and queer_feminist perspective and that discuss possibilities of a queer critique of “disaster capitalism” (N. Klein) that becomes so evident in the current biopolitical crisis. A variety of theoretical approaches, methodologies and topics is strongly encouraged!
Suggestions for Panels:
Panel I: Theorizing capitalist economies from an LGBTI*Q Perspective: Concepts, Approaches, and Theoretical Genealogies
Panel II: Queer Complicities, Dissidence, Resistance: LGBTI*Q Politics and struggles beyond, against and within economic hegemonies
Panel III: Queer/ing “alternative” economics and imagining post-capitalist futures

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Call Adresse Hythe Quay, CO28JF Colchester, Vereinigtes Königreich
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