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The call dir abstracts addresses individuals and groups, academics, practitioners and students who work in the spatial disciplines. It is open – but not limited to – architects, urbanists, artists and scientists, as much as it is to scholars from the humanities who investigate the present and (possible) future of urban processes, conditions and challenges through theoretical, practical and artistic reflection.

All types of contributions welcome, ranging from academic traditions to emerging approaches that emphasize a multiplicity of formats, from the traditional essay and scholarly article to discursive, documentary, cartographic, photographic and cinematic investigations.

We are particularly interested in radical shifts in perspective in both temporal and spatial scales that move beyond established concepts and assumed models of reality. Accordingly, this section aims at questions that evolve around new understandings of known problematics as much as the identification of spaces and situations that are yet to be declared as terrain for architectural thought.

Abstracts should have a length of 400 words and a maximum of two images, and include the affiliation/incorporation of disciplinary fields, a declaration of its area of investigation, and the envisioned format of the later full contribution.

Specification of Full Contributions: Emphasizing the open format essay, full contributions can follow a literary or non-literary path: Scholarly contributions must have a length of between 1500–2500 words (excluding captions, footnotes and references). Non-scholarly contributions must be accompanied by a text no longer than 800 words (excluding captions, footnotes and references).
8 January 2021: Submission of abstracts: 400 words + max 2 images
18 January 2021: Notification from editors of acceptance/rejection
1 March 2021: Submissions of full essays
31 March 2021: Receival of feedback from peer reviewers
19 April 2021: Submissions of final essays

Deadline 8. Januar 2021 Abgelaufen
Call Adresse Oskar Kokoschka Platz 2, 1010 Wien, Österreich
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