Taiwan Film Festival TIEFF 2021

The Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival TIEFF has served to promote outstanding documentary films from around the world that are innovative, educational, challenging, and entertaining.
These films, directed by both new and established filmmakers alike, all share a commitment to portraying stories and social practices from around the world in a culturally sensitive way. 
The 11 th edition and 20 th anniversary of TIEFF, is going to be held in Taipei from October 2021 with the festival theme “New Normals.”

All films submitted to the festival must have been completed between 2019 and 2021.
Fiction films, experimental art films, biographies, sports documentaries, and films about musicians must be accompanied by a statement regarding their suitability for the festival.
Films on any topic will be considered, but special consideration will be given to films that match the festival theme. The festival is open to films/videos made in all formats.
Films shorter than 30 minutes or longer than 120 minutes will not be accepted, but occasionally exceptions by special arrangements will be made.
The festival does not have a competition or offer prizes or awards.

Deadline Abgelaufen
Call Adresse Academia Rd, 115 Nangang District, Taiwan
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