Nomadic Island – Artist in Residence Camp

The Nomadic Island project is an artist residency project that goes beyond a usual creative residency since it merges with the experience of living in an international community that takes place at the same time.
It is an experimentation platform involving an heterogeneous group of artists on one side, and an equally heterogeneous group of local residents on the other side. During a lapse of time of three weeks, the international community-based settlement is intended to create a space to let synergies arise around the theme of alternative ways of living and working.
Nomadic Island will provide the artists with a remuneration of 2.000,- euro per artistic contribution. Travel expenses to the Nomadic Island location will be refunded up to 200,- euro upon proof of payment.
All meals will be provided by the organisation during the whole month of residence.

Deadline Abgelaufen
Dotierung gesamt 2.000 €
Dotierung einzeln
  • 2.000 €
Call Adresse ‘Carreau de la mine’, Lasauvage, Differdange, G. D. of Luxembourg, Luxemburg
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  • Carreau de la mine

    Carreau de la mine, Lasauvage, Differdange
    G. D. of Luxembourg

49.61167, 6.13