Subs_Dance Residences and Festival

The project Subs_Dance, Disco Zwei, Mannheim under the direction of Carolin Ott together with the dancer and choreographer Tobias Weikamp, the musician and performer Angie Taylor and the drag queen Shayma Alqueer/Rzouga Selmi invites three groups of three artists for four-week residencies concluding with participation in a contemporary dance, performance and club-culture festival, which will take place for the first time in August 2021.
The residencies are offered to three interdisciplinary teams of three who join forces across the boundaries of theater, physical theater, dance, vogueing, queer, drag, travesty, music, electronic house and techno culture and apply with your concept idea for a stage (short) piece.
Subs_Dance is dedicated to the borders and interfaces of club and stage, to the liminal space between so called high culture, in which contemporary dance is at home, on the one hand, and the manifold embodied modes of sub-expression – not only queer – on the other. Subs_Dance wants to explore this field of tension of artistic forms and give it a stage. Artists who work in the fields of gender, vogue, drag, queer, subculture and who are interested in entering into a dialogue with other artists and viewers can apply for the residencies.

A residency within Subs_Dance includes: a rehearsal studio for four weeks (the last two of which include the festival), 2.500 Euro for each artist involved in the project (for max. three persons), Provision of technical equipment (subject to agreement and availability), Workshops and professional advice (dance/theater, drag, music producing, light/visuals), Accommodation for four weeks in Mannheim, presence during the whole period is obligatory

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