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Saari Residence, Finland

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23140 Hietamäki

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The Saari Residence, which is operated by the Kone Foundation, is a residency situated in Mynämäki, Southwest Finland, that welcomes artists of all disciplines and nationalities. This residency provides a peaceful, rural setting for artists and researchers to concentrate on their work while also having the opportunity to exchange thoughts and experiences with their colleagues. The residence's long-term mission and values are founded on an ecological approach, encompassing social and psychological sustainability. Its keywords are slowness, insight and change.

The residencies are for creative professionals, including individual artists such as writers, poets, novelists, translators, composers, sound artists, curators, and critics, as well as artistic groups or established organizations with a Business ID, regardless of their nationality. These opportunities are provided specifically to support the completion of a project that has been proposed beforehand.

Residency positions are intended for artistic work. Fields of art and subjects that are multidisciplinary, new, and emerge from outside the mainstream are prioritized.

To be eligible for the monthly grant provided to individual residency holders, the amount of which is dependent on the artist's level of experience, they must reside and work at the designated residency location for the entire 42-day residency period. This grant is meant to cover living expenses, travel costs, and any other necessary expenses.

It is possible to apply as an individual artist or as a group.

Individual residency grant classification:

  • Grant 1: early career – €2,500 / month
  • Grant 2: mid-career – €3,000 / month (min. 10 years of artistic work)
  • Grant 3: experienced artist – €3,600 / month (min. 20 years of artistic work).

Working grants for workgroups:

  • 1 week          €750 / person
  • 2 weeks        €1,500 / person
  • 3 weeks        €2,250 / person
  • 4 weeks        €3,000 / person

The Saari Residence application period occurs every year in March, and the upcoming open call in March 2023 will be for residency placements in 2024. 

The next annual open call is held 1-31 March 2023, 4 pm.

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