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The Fundación Botín provides six scholarships for artists from any country, with a duration of nine months (one of the scholarships is intended for Spanish or resident creators under 30 years of age.)

The Art Grants are designed to support individual art projects that may include training (academic or non-academic), research (non-academic), and production and are awarded to individual artists or established groups of artists.

Each grant is worth 23,000 euros. The scholarship also includes medical insurance for recipients who need to travel outside of their country of residence.

The grants program not only provides financial support, but also features the works of selected artists in a collective exhibition called Itinerarios at Centro Botín. The works are showcased in various formats like performance, participatory activities or video cycles, and the presentation method is determined in consultation with the artists. Additionally, the Fundación Botín continues to support the grant recipients by closely monitoring their progress and purchasing their works for inclusion in its Collection.

Since the launch of these grants in 1993, over 200 creative talents have benefited from them, acting as a dynamic stimulus to contemporary art and supporting upcoming talents in developing research projects in the visual arts. It is worth noting that many of the Botín grant recipients have already established themselves in the international art scene and regularly participate in top-level events.

The grant is valid only for the specified grant period and cannot be interrupted. The grant period must start before the end of 2023.

Applications must be postmarked on or before Friday, May 5th, 2023.


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Graz, Österreich

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