Coal Prize 2021

The 2021 COAL Prize invites artists from all over the world to enquire into the theme "Forest" in terms of woodland riches, such as species and cultures and their knowledge, the ecological balance of the forest as well as to act with their protectors and to invent other ways of being together in the woods. Artists may dare to imagine and experiment, to transform territories, lifestyles, organizations and production methods to help everyone find the means and the motivation to implement necessary changes for a shared and livable Earth.

The winners will be awarded 10 000.- Euro, which will be divided into a cash prize and a production aid for the artist residency offered by the Museum of Hunting and Nature at the Belval Domaine, property of the François Sommer Foundation.

The Belval estate is located in the commune of Belval-Bois-des-Dames, in the French Ardennes. It spans an enclosed forested area of nearly 1000 hectares and is traversed by meadows and 40 hectares of ponds. A veritable observatory of rural life and wildlife, each year it welcomes selected artists who contribute to the representation of their vision of Man’s relationship to his natural environment

By entering this competition, applicants expressly authorize the COAL organization and its partners to publish, reproduce and display in public all or part of the elements of their entry for any purpose linked to the promotion and communication of COAL and its partners, via all platforms and media, in all countries, for the legal duration of the copyright. Entries submitted but not selected will remain in the archives of the COAL organization. They will, however, remain the property of their authors.


Deadline 1. März 2021 Abgelaufen
Dotierung gesamt 10.000 €
Dotierung einzeln
  • 10.000 €
Call Adresse 21 bis rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris, Frankreich
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Coal Prize 2021

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